St Francis of Assisi STEAM Building

Connecting learning spaces brings a new sense of belonging and identity

Schools fundamentally are places of learning through community and connection. Designing them well provides a strong sense of belonging and identity.

St Francis of Assisi Parish Primary School tasked CO.OP with helping them deliver one unified and interconnected STEAM Centre that would incorporate all subject matter within one building where students explore creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. Through these STEAM subjects, including Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Robotics, Science & Kitchen Garden, students are encouraged to become confident and independent learners, empowered to learn and take on challenges.

Previously, the school’s efforts at connection we’re hampered by the separation of students, teachers and subject matter across a series of portable modular buildings with different levels of modern amenity. In bringing all these elements under one roof that had a much stronger link to external learning spaces, and a much better frontage, the school has gained a new sense of belonging and identity.

“ We have worked with the CO.OP team over many months to realise a fantastic new facility for our school. From master planning to final documentation they have worked thoughtfully, innovatively and in a framework of maximum collaboration with our team. Their attention to design and functional planning has ensured the aspirations we had for this building are now an amazing reality. It’s been a pleasure working with CO.OP.”

  • Project Team

    John Schout
    Nick Cini
    Travis Harvey
    Tristan Balogh
    Jess Lupita
    Nicholas Taylor

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