Rosebud SC Wellness Centre

The Rosebud SC Wellness Centre represents a remarkable collaboration between the school and the local community, with funding secured from these parties as well as federal and state governments. The primary aim was to establish dedicated spaces for the School Wellbeing program, which had previously operated within whatever available spaces were on the school campus.

Strategically, the building is positioned at a deliberate distance from the main campus. This placement offers a sense of privacy and separation from the bustling activity of the secondary school, enhancing the environment for its users. Within the facility, there are consultation areas, staff workspaces, and a central circular meditation space.

The design emanates from a central courtyard, creating an isolated tranquil space detached from the building’s perimeter. Architecturally, the structure purposefully contrasts with the rest of the campus, featuring dark-stained timber that serves as a striking visual element on the edge of the school’s oval.

Timber is extensively utilized both externally and internally, giving the building a notably simple yet practical layout that accommodates various modes of wellbeing education and administration. The Rosebud SC Wellness Centre is not only a functional addition to the school but also a distinct architectural statement, emphasizing well-being and offering a serene environment for its users.

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