Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool

Australia’s beach and bathing culture is one that defines our national identity and has been a pastime for the masses and for people of all ages to enjoy. Helped by our hot summer days, and love of abundant sunshine, the local community pool has been the backdrop to so many of our best memories and social interactions, that we look back upon as a rite of passage from our youth. Pools provide a place to cool off and relax, sunbake in the sun, a place for children to become familiar with water, learn to swim and play. A pool can greatly enrich the lifestyle and amenity of a community and can positively contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of a community; it’s a place where positive, healthy memories are made. The Caulfield Memorial Swimming Pool exemplifies and embodies this culture and spirit.

The existing Caulfield War Memorial Pool (now the Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool) is a typical example of post-war public Australian architecture. An architecture that uniquely combined a shortage of labour, material and skills with the unwavering Australian optimism. As suburban Australia expanded the Pool became a symbol of Australian progress and the centre point of Australian suburban culture. The Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool holds a strong narrative within this context, opened in 1966 to commemorate those who served in World War 1 and World War 2.

The redevelopment of Carnegie Memorial Swimming Pool will bring new life to this much-loved community space, providing 21st century services and facilities on a year-round basis. Incorporating outdoor and indoor pools, dry fitness and wellness spaces, support and social spaces, and formal and informal external recreation spaces, CMSP will once again become the focus of community recreation within the Lord Reserve and Koornang Park precinct. It will provide a driver for community and higher-level participation in physical activity and a hub for social interaction and connectivity.

  • Project Team

    Clinton Wyner
    Nick Cini
    Daniel Pike
    Yawen Hu
    Steven Carr
    Iain Walker
    Kristina Hall
    Georgia Spencer

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